Propolis Antiviral Oral Spray

Propolis Antiviral Oral Spray


Honey Centre Adaptogenic Antiviral Oral Spray has been formulated and hand-crafted by Dr. Iryna Kirichuk at Puhoi Organic Distillery. A few sprays applied under the tongue create a reliable nose-mouth firewall against various viruses and bacteria. In addition to the strong defensive antiviral properties, this spray also acts as a powerful adaptogenic immunity booster if taken regularly.

Adaptogenic & Active Natural Ingredients: Manuka honey blend, NZ Propolis; Extracts: Black cumin seeds, echinacea, ginger, cardamon, chamomile, cinnamon, saffron, horseradish, citruses, oregano, vanilla.

Application: Spray into mouth 2-6 times or as required. 

Recommendations: Adults and children over 12 years of age.