4 December 2015

100% Natural Comb Honey. 

Honey Centre's Comb Honey is the most natural form of honey. It is fresh, healthy and simply delicious. Our "dedicated bee's" are experts in producing honey comb, they have years of experience....

The comb is produced from beeswax, which in turn is filled with nectar gathered by honeybees. Presented as the bees created it, Honey Comb is 100 % pure and natural.

Honey has a natural tendency to crystallize on its own, but the quality and nutritional value of the honey will still remain the same.   

Producing Comb Honey

Honey Comb is seasonal and as a result supply can be limited. With special storage facilities, the HONEY CENTRE offers a high-quality product, which we do our best to supply throughout the year.

Honey Comb is produced in the Southern Hemisphere during Summer, December - February and the first production of the new season's product becomes available around April. Honey Comb is always in great demand throughout the year.

At Honey Centre, we produce mostly cut comb honey. This is cut from the original frames of Honey Comb produced in the beehive. After passing thorough inspection, this is then placed in its container ready for sale.

Honey Comb is produced in frames that are specially prepared for the purpose. The sheet of foundation wax that is placed in the middle of the frame to guide the bees is made from pure beeswax and only "thin super" foundation is used. This is approx. 2/3 the weight of foundation used in normal beekeeping management and greatly reduces the amount of wax in the centre of the product.

Eating Comb honey

Comb honey will generally contain some traces of pollen and propolis along with the beeswax and honey.  All of this is fully edible and in its rawest form.

There are various tasty ways that comb honey can be eaten.  You can take a chunk right out of the comb and eat it.  It is delicious spread on toast or bread, sliced on top of your favorite ice cream, sliced and placed on top of your fruit and cereal in the morning or sliced over a warm muffin or pancakes.

Comb honey is tantalizing on a cheese platter.  Placed on a wholegrain cracker with a  piece of blue cheese or a strong cheddar.  Comb honey will compliment any cheese to create a unique gourmet treat.