5 November 2016


The Honey Centre offers a range of tours suitable for adults and school groups.

"BUZZ ON BEES" TOUR.  Minimum 12 Adults

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This tour is aimed at adults as they are very informative and the tour duration is approximately 40mins. 

One of our team will enlighten you about the fascinating life of the honey bee, how they make honey, what else bees produce and how important they are to us.

We can't take you into our processing factory, but we will guide you through our special tour area with a peek into our packing plant.

Each paying adult pours and labels their own complementary 250g jar of multi flora honey.

The tour is available by arrangement only - one week beforehand.

WHERE - Honey Centre, 7 Perry Road, Warkworth. Parking is free with plenty of room for cars and buses. There is wheelchair access to the tour. Collect your ticket at least 5 minutes prior to start time.

BOOKINGS - Phone 09 4258003 or email info@honeycentre.com to book.

COST - Adult 12 years and over $15.00 each. Children under 12 free but EACH CHILD MUST be accompanied by an adult over 14 years for supervision. 30% deposit is required.

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Pre-School age 2-4 years

  -   Cost - $6.00 per child, duration 30-40 mins, minimum charge of 20 children

  -   Brief talk about the different types of bees, showing pictures and explaining the role of each bee plays.  Read a short story about bees, show how it looks inside a bee hive, taste honey straight from the comb, dress up a few children as bees or bee keepers.

School age 5-14 years

  -   Cost $8.00 per child, duration 50-60 mins, minimum charge of 20 children

  -   Educational talk and tour covering the life cycle of the honeybee.  Workings inside the beehive and bee behavior. Discuss the role of the beekeeper and show how we extract a frame of honey in demonstration extractor. Talk about the products from the honeybees, e.g. honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis, and royal jelly. Each child makes their own beeswax candle to take home.  Then go into Honey Shop and have a talk and see the live bee display.

Please note that charges apply only for children, teachers & accompanying adults – no charge. Our tours are presented with the age of the group taken into consideration. 


We look forward to your visit.

For more information please contact us today!