24 November 2015

Royal jelly is the rich milky substance produced by the worker bee to feed the Queen bee. An egg reared to be queen is supplied this highly nutritious hormone right from the start. It is this royal diet, which transforms her into a queen and then is fed to her throughout her entire life. 

Royal Jelly gives the queen a 42% increase in size and 60% superiority in weight over the workers in the hive and enables her to outlive worker bees by 40 times. This remarkable growth is the testimony to the nutritional hormones, nutrients, vitamins and enzymes that revive the function of cells.

In humans these qualities reduce the effects of stress, possibly promote fast recovery from fatigue and is perfect for high-energy lifestyles. Customers who take Royal Jelly notice a marked increase in their energy levels.

Our Royal Jelly capsules consist of 1000 mg capsules in 3 sizes: 60, 180 and 365 capsules.