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Creating the purest quality honey

Our on site colonies of honeybees make the most of our beautiful natural surroundings, producing what we believe is the best honey in New Zealand.

Our focus on using only the finest ingredients, with the production handled entirely on site, results in authentic, top quality honey.

the finest ingredients

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We keep our honey just the way the bees - and nature - intended it. We don't add anything extra, it's simply harvested from nectar in our countryside.
Real, honest food, it's full of natural goodness, like amino acids, vitamins and essential minerals, for healthy bodies and delicious taste.

Selected by our passionate beekeepers

Our team of dedicated beekeepers love what they do - which is reflected in everything produced by The Honey Centre.

From expertly chosen ingredients to a deep understanding and respect for honeybees, our beekeepers ensure our honey is of the highest standard.

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