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Back in 1992, a local beekeeping family started The Honey Centre. Their aim was simple: to provide a local tourist attraction for families and the general public.
What started as a small building has grown over the years to include the Honey Café and the Honey Mead and Fruit Wine shop. As we've grown, we've kept our focus on what really matters to us: locally-produced quality honey, handled by us from start to finish.


Honey Centre isn't just about buying honey - it's an experience (although there is a huge range of honey, and honey-related skincare products available to buy too).
Honey Centre has New Zealand's largest display of live bees, a great range of honeys for tasting, educational tours and a fantastic café. Our honey is by far the best in New Zealand, we take great pride in producing the best honey in New Zealand.


With years of agricultural experience behind us, we're a dedicated team, passionate about honeybees and their products. When you visit us, you'll see us behind the shop counter, serving in the café or tending to the honeybees - that's the friendly personal service we pride ourselves on. You'll find out that our team has got depth knowledge about bees and the sweet honey they produce. There are many factors on what makes us unique, visiting Honey Centre is all about having a unique experience, and a much closer insight into the wonderful world of New Zealand's honeybees.


100% Pure New Zealand